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Let's Play - Beginner Instrumental Lessons

Brass lessons in south gloucestershire'Let's Play' is all about giving children the best possible start in learning an instrument and discovering music. Thornbury Area Music Trust has been providing musical activities in South Gloucestershire since 2012, and is now starting a new generation of young people on their musical journey.

The scheme allows children to choose which instrument they would like to learn - there is the choice of flute, clarinet, trombone, cornet and violin. The classes are large enough for children to have fun (minimum of 8 children) but small enough (maximum 18) so that tutors can provide one-on-one help when needed.

The primary focus is on learning the instrument, but pupils are engaged in all aspects of music-making and appreciation. They are introduced to music from around the world, the basic elements of pitch and rhythm, as well as simple notation. The aim is that two terms of tuition culminate in the players performing with the intermediate ensembles from the Thornbury Area Music Centre, and will be able to continuing playing with the groups in the following year.

Clarinet Lessons - music lessons - in South GloucestershireWhat does a typical session involve?

A typical session begins with a physical or vocal warm-up, a rhythm or call-and-response game. Pupils will then begin with some basic warm-up excercises on their instruments, before learning some new pieces as a group. There will be opportunities for pupils to play to the group if they would like, and there will be group pieces too. There are some familiar and new tunes, and each player will have some music to practice inbetween sessions, with parents encouraged to help!

Who are the tutors?

The tutors are all experienced teachers and musicians - they have plenty of experience in teaching both group and class tuition as well as one-to-one lessons.


violin lessons in south gloucestershireHow much does it cost?

In addition to a Termly Membership fee, the children are loaned an the instrument for the time the player is enrolled and any music/materials they need to practice between sessions. We also require a £50 refundable deposit to cover any damage to the instrument, in addition to a termly rental fee of £15. All parents are asked to complete and return a Rental Agreement form.

Let's Play! in Action

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Thornbury Area Youth Music provides musical activities in the South Gloucestershire area for children of all ages and abilities. It comprises a Junior Music Centre, Thornbury Area Music Centre, Let's Play instrumental lessons and the South Cotswold Youth Orchestra.


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